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Hand Painted Beech Kitchen Northwich Cheshire

This article is about a hand painted Beech kitchen Northwich Cheshire. I was contacted in the first place by Trevor who was looking to have his kitchen updated.

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specialist kitchen cabinet painter Cheshire

Hand Painted Kitchen Specialist Prestbury Cheshire

As a hand painted kitchen specialist Prestbury Cheshire, we are often asked if we can undertake quality kitchen re paints. This kitchen was 16 years old and installed by Merilyn Phillips LTD , we are often asked if we can undertake quality kitchen re paints. This kitchen was 16 years old and installed by Merilyn Phillips LTD a high quality bespoke kitchen company. Merilyn had recommended us as we had recently completed another kitchen for them in The Wirral.

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Kitchen Painter Bramhall Cheshire

I was contacted in the first place via my website. The couple had been looking for a kitchen painter Bramhall Cheshire. They had been discussing colours with a colour consultant but could not get the correct shade. I was asked to pay a visit and try and help. Working with a specialist paint company they can match most colours fairly accurately.

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Kitchen Painters Knutsford Cheshire

Kitchen Painters Knutsford Cheshire: We had painted our friends Beech kitchen a while back and having seen it they were suitably impressed to have theirs painted too.

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Kitchen Painters Lancashire

Kitchen Painters Lancashire: JS Decor are specialists in hand painted kitchens Lancashire, for over 20 years we have hand painted well over 400. From the cheapest inherited kitchen to most expensive ones and the one thing they have in common is they all look stunning when finished.

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Kitchen Painters Woodford Cheshire

Kitchen Painters Woodford Cheshire: This hand painted kitchen in Woodford Cheshire had started to look its age.  It was 16 years old so it needed a repaint and now it has a beautiful finish finish.

I went round after she had sent through photos of her kitchen to talk through options, colours and re oiling the wooden worktops as they looked dull. With the price agreed I was able to book a date in the diary when it would fit in with her schedule.

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Kitchen Painters Cheshire

Js Decor are specialist kitchen painters Cheshire. We have been painting kitchens for over 20 years and have painted over 400 kitchens in that time. We are also a co founder of the HPKUK group which is fast becoming the website to visit for anyone considering a kitchen revamp.

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Hand Paint Clive Christian Kitchens Cheshire

Clive Christian is a name that embellishes quality in abundance. In this article I explain how we hand paint Clive Christian kitchens Cheshire. Painting furniture of this quality requires patience and skill also respect as someone has invested a lot of time as well as money in buying it.

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Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire

Kitchen Painter Hale Cheshire: This article is about another kitchen hand painted Hale Cheshire. I was contacted in the first instance by Lindsey regarding her and Wayne’s kitchen. The kitchen was about 10 yrs old & in very good condition but I guess like most kitchens of this age they start to look careworn.

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Hand Painted Kitchen Matches Miele Units Wilmslow

In this article I go through how we transformed this pine kitchen into a hand painted kitchen matches Miele units Wilmslow Cheshire. This enquiry came through David’s neighbour whose kitchen we had painted a few weeks earlier the Limed Oak one in Wilmslow. They’d seen what a hand painted kitchen should look like and were suitably impressed, so I was invited to quote up their kitchen and give them any ideas I had. David had a couple of new units fitted by Miele which was a shade of white and very modern a year before.

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