Painters Decorators Preston Lancashire

Established in 1992, Originally set up as Painters Decorators Preston Lancashire Cheshire first working  in our local area.

Painters decorators Preston Lancashire

Jason read an article about marbling and graining and the courses that you could go on and learn it. Luckily for me a chap in Clitheroe near to where I lived ran courses (Bill Holgate) at weekends and during the week. I decided to book myself on a weeks course first I thought it would give me a bit of an understanding. Bill Holgate was one of the modern day masters that sadly is no longer with us and I have to thank him enormously for what he taute me.

Painters decorators Preston Lancashire

Painters decorators Preston Lancashire

Bill Holgate had week long courses in which we attended. I was keen to learn more so I went on several more courses mainly at weekends to improve whilst still decorating during the week. This gave Jason a greater skill set and one that has helped us get the nicer end of the decorating work.  This new knowledge took Jason down the decorative side of decorating. Working for designers, creating paint effects and then advertising in county magazines.

Moving on to kitchens and furniture

In 1993 JS Decor were asked to paint their first kitchen. This was to be a light bulb moment as the kitchen being an in frame bespoke built one. It needed to be aged up with a glaze after it had been painted. JS Decor relished the challenge, not only that it took the company four weeks with a single person.

Painters decorators Preston Lancashire

In fact this spurred us on to do more kitchens and push evermore for them.

From this one kitchen we have gone on to paint well over 400 kitchens to date, some plain, some decorative. I’m sure without the decorative background we would not be where we are today. For the ones to turn to for hand painted kitchens in Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside… We have built up a nice back catalog of work.  Our team of Matt and Matthew consistantly produce simply stunning work…

Painters decorators Preston Lancashire

Painters Decorators Preston

If you would like some decorating or a kitchen painting we are the first port of call in Preston, Lancashire, Cheshire & Merseyside.

We are a founding member of HPKUK a group of highly skilled kitchen painters throughout the UK.

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